Matt Peebles – Ccc’s OwnerMatt Peebles: Principle and CEO

With over three decades of experience, Matt Peebles understands the importance of approaching commercial cleaning services with science-based solutions and proven techniques. Throughout his years in the business, he has built lasting relationships with industry experts and consultants in order to offer the newest technology and resources available.

In addition to his on-the-job experience, he holds third-party accreditation—which is utilized regularly when consulting clients about various surfaces. Matt has developed a set of unique skills while managing everything from large-scale restorative cleaning projects and emergency disaster remediations to daily contract cleaning. These skills are categorized as specialty cleaning, structural drying/restoration, and surface preparation/coating installation.

Through his dedication, passion, and hunger for further development, Matt brings a unique set of skills and knowledge to Commercial Cleaning Contractors which has allowed the company to become a leader in its field.


Tracey Peebles – CCC’s OwnerTracey Peebles: Vice Principle and COO

With nearly two decades of property management experience, Tracey Peebles excels in the role of Director of Administration. As someone who has worked directly with commercial tenants prior to her current position, she is able to foresee the services a client needs based on their unique property. From specialty cleaning to regularly scheduled janitorial services, Tracey understands what is expected from a commercial cleaning company and ensures her team members are held to the highest standard.

Tracey implements supervision and mentorship skills from her professional background to ensure every commercial cleaning service is done with the highest intent and detail.