Appliance Cleaning

Appliance Cleaning in Minneapolis and St. Paul

At Commercial Cleaning Contractors, we offer all kinds of cleaning services, including the ones you may not think to hire a professional for.

Everyone knows that kitchen appliances are extremely susceptible to dirt, grease, grime, and unfortunately, unpleasant odors. What people may not know is that if they hired professional cleaners, their kitchens could look and smell brand new.

At CCC, we provide appliance cleaning services to clients in Minneapolis and St. Paul. We know exactly how to bring the shine back to your appliances and leave your kitchen feeling fresh.

What We Clean

We have the skills and expertise required to clean a wide variety of appliances, including but not limited to:

  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Ovens
  • Microwaves
  • Toaster Ovens

We are very thorough with our appliance cleaning services. We know how to combat mess and filth of all kinds, such as:

  • Difficult to remove food stains
  • Dirt and dust hiding in the crevices of each appliance
  • Grime that has accumulated on appliance shelves, racks, and doors
  • Stubborn grease buildup inside ovens and microwaves
  • Hardened food particles
  • Unpleasant odors
  • Microbial growth in freezers and refrigerators

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional

There are many advantages to hiring a team of professionals to take care of your appliance cleaning needs.

  • Comprehensive Cleaning: While it is true that you could clean your appliances yourself, you do not have the same level of cleaning expertise as the team here at CCC. We will be able to provide a more thorough, detailed cleaning than a non-professional.
  • Expertise: Some appliances, especially those made of stainless steel, can be damaged by improper cleaning. At CCC, we know exactly which products and methods to use in order to avoid causing odd streaking and discoloration to the appliances we clean.
  • Trained for Challenging Cleaning Tasks: As appliance cleaning professionals, we are equipped to handle even the most intensive cleaning challenges, including those that involve potentially dangerous substances like mold.

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed

We stand behind our word and our work.  If you’re not satisfied, we aren’t either.  We will come back to address the specific areas that did not meet your expectations because nothing is more important to us than your 100% satisfaction.

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