Carpet Repair

Carpet Repair in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Carpets are easily damaged, and damaged carpets can be a real eye sore. Completely replacing a damaged carpet is a hassle, and often prohibitively expensive. Fortunately, completely replacing your high value textile is not the only way to deal with carpet damage. Commercial Cleaning Contractors provides expert carpet repair services to businesses and individuals all over the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

30+ Years of Carpet Repair Experience

Before starting at CCC, our current owner operated his own carpet dyeing and repair service. He still maintains accredited carpet repair training, bringing over 30 years of carpet repair experience to every job. We are equipped to repair commercial carpet, residential carpet, and high value rugs of all types. No matter what type of damage you’re looking at, we have the dedication, resources, and expertise to restore or preserve your cherished textiles.

What Can We Repair?

A lot of people who own damaged carpets or rugs don’t realize that their textiles can be repaired. At CCC, we can repair many different types of carpet damage, using techniques that make the restored area virtually invisible. Here are common examples of repairs we perform:

  • Stains: Dirt stains, food stains, and pet stains are all common causes of carpet damage. Some staining is permanent but that doesn’t mean it has to remain. We can remove stained carpet and replace it with another piece using a bonded insert or a graft.
  • Re-Stretching: Does your carpet buckle or lift? It shouldn’t, and it’s a sure sign that the carpet was not installed properly.  This repair is requested often and just requires some elbow grease to move furniture and re-stretch the carpet, which is then trimmed clean and tucked back into the base molding.
  • Tuft Loss: Once the cause of tufted fiber loss is identified and repaired, the tufts that are pulled out can be replaced by strategically re-tufting the areas where the loss occurred. Larger areas or certain weaves can be grafted on to the secondary backing.
  • Edge Ravel: This condition happens at seams and edges that were not properly sealed. We can first inspect the installation to determine if the installer used seam/ edge sealer, then the proper repairs can be made. 
  • Tears: Carpet can be susceptible to ripping, which can result in unsightly holes. We will choose the best repair method based on the circumstance we are presented.
  • Delamination: Delamination is a common carpet problem that involves the separation of the primary and secondary carpet backing. It can be caused by everything from heavy traffic, improper installation, even improper cleaning.
  • Hand Sewing: Hand sewing repairs are recommended for all Wilton, and most other woven or braided carpets. We are well versed in all stitch types, choosing hidden stitch techniques that are extremely durable, and remain invisible.
  • High Value Heirloom Rugs/ Persian Rugs/ Islamic Carpets: Often referred to as “Oriental Rugs”, this term has become outdated and doesn’t properly identify t areas that these textiles originate from.  If you have damaged antique carpet or treasured hand-woven rugs? Don’t fret, there is a solution to seamlessly repair your cherished investment.  If we can’t repair it in house, we have procured a network of consultants and professional resources that span the globe.  We can guarantee your investment is properly insured, will be handled with the utmost care and properly repaired by experienced professionals.  Expert artisans that know the region of origin, exact weave construction and possess the original material goods to make the proper repairs.      

Our Lifetime Warranty

When we perform carpet repair services, we offer our clients a lifetime warranty for the remainder of the usable life of the carpet. We strive to provide lasting results, expert craftsmanship and long-term customer satisfaction.

Repairs for Carpets Past their Prime

If you need repairs done on a carpet that is already beyond its usable life, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! Although we do not offer warranties for carpets that fall into this category, we are willing and able to perform repair work on them.

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed

We stand behind our word and our work.  If you’re not satisfied, we aren’t either.  We will come back to address the specific areas that did not meet your expectations because nothing is more important to us than your 100% satisfaction.

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