Microbial and Mold Remediation

Microbial and Mold Remediation in Minneapolis and St. Paul

The presence of unwanted microbes like molds, viruses and bacteria can be a serious health concern.  Dangerous on their own, because microbial growth can produce toxins, these hazardous circumstances are also commonly found in cramped areas difficult to access.  Generally, this type of work should really be left to professional remediators with the experience to contain mold spores at the source while they are removed.  

Fortunately, we at Commercial Cleaning Contractors are equipped to handle even the most complex cleaning jobs. If you have a mold, or sewage situation on your hands, give us a call. We offer free consultation for all of our services, including microbial and mold remediation services in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

The Dangers of Mold

If you have mold in your home or business, it can be extremely problematic.  Problems include degradation to construction materials, compromised structure, and hazardous indoor air quality.  Therefore, it’s extremely important to get rid of mold, and any of the contributing moisture sources, as soon as possible.

Mold has been linked to multiple health problems, ranging from mild symptoms to serious illnesses. Common symptoms of mold may include one or more of the following:

●     Congestion

●     Sneezing

●     Coughing

●     Eye irritation

●     Headaches

●     Fever

●     Fatigue

●     Nausea

●     Asthma

●     Skin irritation

More information is available through the CDC here: https://www.cdc.gov/mold/default.htm

Our Microbial and Mold Remediation Procedures

At CCC, we are IICRC trained and certified in microbial and mold remediation (https://iicrc.org/amrt/) and have written protocols and specific procedures in place for dealing with such contaminants in a very safe and effective manner.  This limits any potential exposure to potential toxins, while our technicians safely remove the contaminants.  The emphasis we have put on technology allows us to efficiently document the entire process and keep you updated in real time through our app.

Our mold remediation services include:

  • Free initial consultation and estimate: We can make initial determinations, then help you understand the fundamental processes necessary.  From initial discovery to the final cleaning, we cover all the why’s and how’s, then we give you an estimated price for our services.
  • Inspection/ Evaluation: Our technicians have the most advanced inspection tools and techniques at their disposal.  From IR cameras to state-of-the-art protimeters, rest assured that our experts are dedicated to discovery and documentation of all the contributing factors that lead to microbial damage.
  • Engineering/ Planning: We know it is vitally important to eliminate all the contamination on the first try, so we make sure to properly prepare with written procedures and protocols specific to each remediation worksite. This documentation identifies all potential hazards, scope of remediation, type of engineered enclosures to be constructed, environmental engineering controls, and critical workflow.   
  • Containment: When we undertake microbial and mold remediation, we build temporary decontamination chambers to ensure that contaminants do not spread to previously unaffected areas while we work. These are generally temporary, and pressure fitted in place, held by friction to minimize potential for damage to unaffected areas.  These are designed to create negative pressure in the workspace.  These “chambers” range from simple single wall containments, to full scale enclosures with decon rooms, buffer rooms and anterooms.
  • Detail Cleaning: We finish each microbial and mold remediation job by properly labeling and disposing of any hazardous waste or non-recoverable materials.  Meanwhile our final cleaning team performs a high level detail cleaning of areas adjacent to the contamination zones.  These adjacent areas are addressed as extra assurance that every last surface is contaminant free.
  • Photographic documentation of the entire process is included, along with detailed final documentation

While not always needed.  There are situations we may suggest using an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Consultant, or Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP).  This specialist is never associated with our company.  They are a 3rd party consultant, certified in taking fungal air and surface samples, both pre and post remediation.  Information on IAQ consultants is available through the state of MN here: https://www.health.state.mn.us/communities/environment/air/mold/selectingiaq.html)

Letting toxic contaminants like mold go unchecked can cause serious health issues. This is especially true for children, people that suffer from asthma, or anyone immunocompromised. If you have a mold problem in Minneapolis or St. Paul, contact us about our IICRC certified microbial remediation and mold remediation services today.

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