Restroom Floors Cleaning

A favorite breeding ground for microorganisms, restroom floors require regular cleaning and sanitizing to keep unwanted public health issues at bay. 

Often overlooked, your restrooms say a lot about how your facility is maintained. Restroom floors are among the most undermaintained parts of a commercial facility and should be treated with the utmost priority. A dirty or smelly lavatory speaks volumes to your clientele about how the property is maintained.

That’s where we come in. 

As industry leading cleaning experts, we provide high value services for commercial restroom floor cleaning, trash removal and restroom disinfectant service, to businesses in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. Additionally, we sanitize toilets, restore stainless partitions and dust restroom surfaces to keep your commercial restrooms in perfect shape.

Benefits of Proper Restroom Maintenance and Deep Cleaning

  • Able to eliminate mal odors – We have dozens of options and are certified Odor Control Technicians
  • Your tile will look its best – Physically remove contaminants, pathogens, fungal spores, microbes, bacteria and unwanted soils
  • Visibly improve the appearance of grout lines – we can remove the gunky gross stuff 
  • Increase the useful life of your tile while enjoying that just installed look
  • Uphold your manufacturer’s warranty – many warranties exceed 20 years, but often exclusion language includes “improper maintenance” in the terms and conditions

To deliver fantastic results, our highly trained team of expert technicians observes the following key components of our outstanding restroom sanitizing service:

Appropriate cleaning solutions

The cleaning solutions we use are green and sustainable. We use a very mild acid cleaner for removing daily water scales on sinks and counters, as well as for removing urine deposits when we sanitize toilets. For commercial restroom floor cleaning, we use an enzyme-based floor cleaner with improved floor cleaning and odor eliminating properties.  For our salvage and restorative services we rely heavily on our training and experience, safely using a variety of techniques and composition of cleaning solutions, as well as odor mitigation techniques. 

Appropriate cleaning equipment

In certain commercial restrooms or shower rooms, we use a cleaning machine that is capable of regulating cleaning solution usage, pressure washing, and vacuuming cleaning solution for automatic recovery.  Maintaining the flooring on a maintenance schedule, we often recommend mechanical scrubbing with enzyme-based formulas for moderate and heavily used restrooms as much as twice monthly.

Appropriate cleaning technique

Our standard technique for cleaning starts by working from high areas to low areas inside the restroom and then towards the exit. We do this daily inclusive of periodic monitoring during the day. A key part of our commercial restroom floor cleaning is keeping moisture to a minimal level to prevent microbial growth.

Trust The Experts 

Whether you have a contract cleaning company or self-clean your facility, we can drastically improve the look and odor of any building’s restrooms with our multiple process restorative services.  Our technicians are trained in odor remediation, tile and grout maintenance and OSHA safety practices.  Generally, we perform some type of deep maintenance cleaning at all our contract accounts to remove normal build-up of contaminants and odors.  We even have advanced drain treatments to reduce mal odor coming from floor drain traps.  We use a combination of powerful alkaline cleaners, acidic solutions, enzyme treatments, disinfecting solutions, and sanitizing products combined with a large selection of powerful equipment; to achieve the most thorough clean possible. 

Once we have restored the tile and grout, we protect it with a premium commercial grade impregnating sealant, that works to effectively lock out the contamination to keep it from embedding in the porous surfaces.  After the floor is sealed your daily cleaning will be more effective in between our maintenance service.  If you require a higher COF (coefficient of friction) rating, we have a selection of special sealants to fit your specific needs. 

For more information on our commercial restroom floor cleaning services, give us a call, or fill out a Contact Us form below!