Office Cleaning Checklist: A Step By Step Guide

Posted - March 15, 2022

Keeping an office building clean is no easy task. It requires a lot of effort and organization. At Commercial Cleaning Contractors, we have devised a multi-step strategy that allows us to provide excellent office cleaning services that are tailored to meet the needs of each individual client.

Step One: Identify Needs and Budget

When we begin working with a new client, the first thing we do is take some time to discuss their needs and their budget. Once we have this information, we can start developing an office cleaning plan that caters directly to the client’s unique requirements.

Step Two: The Testing Process

Once we have completed step one, we can move on to step two: the testing process. During this step, we seek out problem areas that get dirty quickly due to blow through and pressure differentials, perform tests to determine how long it takes for dust to develop in certain spaces, and work to identify spaces that will demand extra attention.

Step Three: Tailor Services

After we have finished the testing process, we can begin tailoring the client’s service plan in earnest. Armed with extensive information about the client’s specific needs, we can figure out which cleaning services they would benefit from, and how frequently each service should be performed.

We offer an extensive list of office cleaning service, including but not limited to:

  • Spot cleaning (of furniture, fixtures, doors, windows, walls, light switches, and more)
  • Trash removal
  • Dusting (high and low surfaces, ceiling vents, blinds, etc.)
  • Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping
  • Restroom cleaning
  • cleaning/sanitizing toilets, urinals, and sinks
  • Inspect and fill dispensers
  • Empty waste receptacles
  • Damp mopping (using germicide)
  • And more
  • Disinfectant application
  • Brushing/vacuuming upholstered furniture
  • Detail cleaning threshold plates

Each of our office cleaning services can be provided daily, weekly, monthly, per request, as needed, or on a more specific schedule, depending on the needs of the client.

At CCC, we go above and beyond to provide each individual client with high quality office cleaning services that are customized to suit their unique requirements. If you are in need of office cleaning services in Minneapolis, St. Paul, or the surrounding area, contact CCC at 612-217-8653 or send an email to We look forward to working with you!