The Ins and Outs of Vinyl and VCT Floor Care

Posted - February 16, 2022

Vinyl and vinyl composite tile (VCT) are very popular flooring materials, especially in commercial establishments. There are plenty of reasons for this — chief among them being durability. Vinyl and VCT flooring are chemically resistant, resilient to abrasions, and have a high UV tolerance, among other things.

However, vinyl and VCT are not indestructible. VCT flooring will last for decades, but only if it is properly maintained. The best way to ensure a long lifespan for vinyl or VCT flooring is to bring in qualified professionals, like CCC’s IICRC certified technicians, to help put together a regular maintenance plan.

You may be tempted to forgo professional vinyl floor cleaning services in favor of doing the cleaning yourself, but this may cause more harm than good in the long run. Certain cleaning chemicals leave residue on vinyl and VCT flooring. These residues can cause delamination of the finish from the floor. Once delamination occurs, VCT loses its signature shine, and starts to look spotty.

At CCC, our special services team members are IICRC certified, and trained to properly care for vinyl and VCT flooring. We provide a range of VCT floor cleaning services, including more basic services — stain removal, edge cleaning, mopping, vacuuming, etc — as well as more specialized services, such as applying durable sealants for protection and high C.O.F. (coefficient of friction) finishes for slip resistance.

In addition to the technical knowledge needed to leave a VCT floor clean without negatively affecting its lifespan, as members of the professional cleaning industry, we have access to products (certain chemicals, surface coating options, and finishes) that are not available to the general public. So, even if you do extensive research on proper VCT cleaning techniques, you will not be able to achieve the same results as a professional.

If you are in need of high quality VCT or vinyl floor cleaning services in Minneapolis, or the surrounding area, contact CCC today by calling 612-217-8653 or sending an email to We are here to help keep your flooring in top condition for years to come.