The Benefits of Commercial Pressure Washing

Posted - May 23, 2022

When you run a business, the outside of your building is the first thing potential customers see. Everyone knows that first impressions matter, so it’s important to make sure your facility’s facade sends the right message. One foolproof way to do this is to invest in commercial pressure washing services.

Commercial pressure washing services come with a whole host of benefits; one of the most obvious being enhanced curb appeal. Dirty sidewalks, graffiti on walls, rust stains on finished surfaces, and grime buildup anywhere are no match for a professional pressure washing provider. At Commercial Cleaning Contractors (CCC), our technicians are trained in the use of proper pressure washing techniques using industrial grade equipment that will leave your property looking better than ever.

A major benefit of investing in professional commercial pressure washing is that it will save you money in the long run by preventing the need for expensive repairs. When grime is allowed to dwell on building surfaces, it can trap moisture, cause unsightly stains, and even corrode metals. Some surface soiling can become a potential food source for unsightly biological growth. Certain molds and fungus are known to produce acids that over time can deteriorate many building surfaces such as concrete and other cement-based products. As the protective coatings degrade, the materials structure weakens, and it becomes compromised.  In time this weakening creates a sponge effect within the material. As the surface continues to weaken and degrade the pores enlarge inviting moisture problems and permanent staining.  This leads to an eventual failure in the material, and it becomes an expensive replacement project. 

An often overlooked benefit provided by commercial pressure washing services is that it can also keep the inside of your building clean. If the areas in front of your building entrance aren’t properly maintained, contaminants like rock salt, soda, coffee and gum may be tracked into your facility.  Winter de-icing salts are known for wreaking havoc on aluminum doors, window frames, elevators thresholds, and more. Fortunately, CCC can help you put together a regular maintenance plan for pressure washing that will prevent outdoor debris from becoming indoor debris.

Are you in need of professional commercial pressure washing services in Minneapolis, St. Paul, or the surrounding area? Contact Commercial Cleaning Contractors at 612-217-8653 or today. Our team of highly trained technicians will have your property in prime condition in no time at all.