What are Janitorial Services?

Posted - February 8, 2022

When you’re in charge of a commercial facility, janitorial services need to be one of your top priorities. We know this firsthand with 17 years of commercial property management experience on staff. Though this may seem daunting at first, it doesn’t need to be. CCC is here to help. We offer comprehensive, commercial janitorial services tailored to your specific needs in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas. But what exactly are janitorial services, and why should you rely on us to provide them? Simply put, the term “janitorial services” refers to a category of commercial cleaning that involves taking care of a variety of tasks — such as window cleaning, floor cleaning, surface cleaning, and more — in a commercial facility. Janitorial services are required in many places, including office buildings, fitness centers, medical facilities, and schools, to name a few.

At CCC, we provide janitorial services that are tailored to suit each individual client. Whether you run an artists’ loft that only needs weekly or biweekly cleaning, or a class A office tower that requires LEED qualified cleaning every day, we have the skills necessary to meet your needs. We are experts at identifying problem areas and determining how frequently each cleaning process must be performed to keep a facility in tip top shape.

In order to achieve the best possible results, CCC uses the highest quality equipment and cleaning products available. We also keep up to date with scientific and technological advancements in the cleaning industry, and adjust our procedures accordingly.

For example, while many commercial janitorial companies still use cotton mops to clean floors, we use a specialized system that involves a flat microfiber mop designed to trap soil, and then release it. This mopping system functions using two separate buckets — one for wringing the flat microfiber through a rolling press, and one for the applying cleaning solution back on to the mop. Traditional mopping just spreads dirt around, as a result this dirt accumulates in areas like your grout lines and on the surfaces it is used. Using a two bucket system actually leaves a surface clean. This in turn keeps the detail of your account much more consistent between deep cleaning processes.

In addition to having the skill set with 35 years of commercial janitorial know how, we have team members with deep knowledge of the commercial property management industry. This knowledge and perspective sets CCC apart. Going through a janitorial transition can be challenging and intimidating. We have team members with the skills to guide and manage a janitorial transition at your property seamlessly.

At CCC, we have the skills and knowledge required to provide individualized services to each and every one of our clients. If you are in need of janitorial services in Minneapolis, contact us at 612-217-8653 or send an email to info@ccccleans.com. We look forward to helping you keep your facility in prime condition.