Carpet Cleaning

Science based carpet cleaning to provide you with 100% satisfaction. We stand behind our word and our work; if you aren’t satisfied, we aren’t either.

Why Hire Us

  • IICRC Certified

  • CRI Gold Certified Equipment

  • Non-toxic Solutions

  • Biodegradable Solutions

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality

  • No-residue & Neutral pH

  • We Guarantee Our Work

What We Clean

A good floor care program is a program that regularly and properly maintains the floor surfaces in order to reduce the frequency of deep, restorative carpet cleaning. Periodic carpet cleaning is recommended on a regular schedule to remove allergens and improve your indoor air quality as well as extending the life of the carpeting and to remove embedded soiling.

Carpeting being maintained on a schedule provides a better appearance for your occupants and also reduces the environmental impact compared to infrequent deep, restorative carpet cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Services
Carpet cleaning using IICRC’s Recommendations

We perform all carpet cleaning using the IICRC’s (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) recommended best practices and utilizing equipment certified with the Carpet and Rug Institute’s (CRI) “Seal of Approval”. The equipment used during this process is regularly inspected and maintained to ensure its optimal performance.

We utilize an array of carpet cleaning techniques, such as mobile extraction units, spot cleaning, advanced grooming technology, the most powerful carpet cleaning truck and much more. Our technicians are IICRC certified to make sure we are providing knowledgeable solutions.

Our Services

Carpet Restoration Minneapolis & St. Paul

Carpet Restoration

Dry Grooming Service Minneapolis & St. Paul

Dry Grooming

Maintenance Programs Minneapolis & St. Paul

Maintenance Programs

Spot Treatment Service Minneapolis & St. Paul

Spot Treatment

Odor Elimination Service Minneapolis & St. Paul

Odor elimination

Disinfectant Application Minneapolis & St. Paul

Disinfectant Application

Products We Use

  • CRI Certified equipment
  • Green Balance Cleaning Solutions (Green Seal & CRI Certified)
  • Powerful truck mounted equipment (CRI Gold Certified)
  • Portable extraction equipment (CRI Gold Certified)
General Purpose Cleanser Minneapolis & St. Paul
The Carpet And Rug Institute Approved
IICRC Certified
Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
Non-Toxic Cleaning
Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

“This company is amazing. They were speedy and quick after I reached out. The work was thorough as I had some specific traffic areas I needed done. Friendly company employees and my sales person was very responsive. Top notch!”

Chris T.

“Matt was prompt, professional and thorough. We have two cats and a dog and everything looked brand new when they were finished.”

Michael M.

“Commercial Cleaning Contractors is an important part of our business. We value the part they play in our success and look forward to working with them in the future.”

Kriss N.


Do you use safe chemicals?

Yes, our carpet cleaning solutions are Green Seal certified. We perform a no-residue extraction process, removing the cleaning solution from your carpet and following this with a carpet neutralizer to ensure your carpet is left in a safer state for you, your employees and your family.

What if a stain becomes visible after you leave?

Stain wicking is not uncommon, especially for deep penetrating stains. Sometimes a deep cleaning can bring unnoticed stains from below to the surface. We return to spot treat any stains that may wick up until the stain has been resolved.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is used extensively in commercial office environments and hospitality spaces, including in employee offices, hallways, conference rooms, foyers, hotel rooms, and reception areas. Over time, carpets accumulate dust, dirt, allergens, dead skin cells and many other pollutants. In fact, carpet is one of the largest allergens in commercial facilities and has the potential to capture nearly 100x more pollutants than the air filters within HVAC systems.

Without regular commercial carpet cleaning, carpets can gradually become filthy, dull, and discolored. Regular maintenance cleaning is less costly than restorative maintenance cleaning. That’s where we come into play. Protect your carpet flooring investment with regular professional carpet cleaning services from the carpet cleaners trusted by so many customers in the Minneapolis, MN and St. Paul, MN areas – Commercial Cleaning Contractors.

Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Services for Commercial Spaces

We provide commercial carpet cleaning that extracts the dirt lodged way down deep in your carpets, including in high-traffic areas. Using highly effective, environmentally friendly, green carpet cleaning products and methods, we are able to preserve and restore the bright, colorful appearance of your carpet and maintain its service life.

Benefits of Regularly Scheduled Carpet Cleaning Services

Regular professional carpet cleaning from our team provides the following benefits for your commercial space:

  • Eliminate spots and stains already present on your carpet

  • Minimize the spread of bacteria, germs, mold, and diseases

  • Recover the clean, natural appearance and texture of your carpet

  • Lessen the effects of wearing on your carpet, particularly in areas of high foot traffic

  • Create a uniform carpet appearance

  • Lengthen the service life of your carpet

  • As a leader among local area carpet cleaning companies, our team lead by Matt and Tracey Peebles is committed to serving you with the utmost quality, courtesy, and professionalism.

Get Professional Carpet Cleaning Near Me

To learn more about the commercial carpet cleaning services we offer for commercial facilities in the Minneapolis, MN and St. Paul, MN areas, call us today at 612.217.8653 or request a quote on our website.

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed

We stand behind our word and our work.  If you’re not satisfied, we aren’t either.  We will come back to address the specific areas that did not meet your expectations because nothing is more important to us than your 100% satisfaction.

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