Office Cleaning for Workplace Re-Entry

Posted - November 4, 2021

Office Cleaning for Workplace Re-Entry

In the early months of 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread at a prodigious rate, businesses in cities all over the country, Minneapolis and St. Paul included, temporarily closed their physical workspaces to protect their employees and the public from the virus.

Now that the vaccine is available to the public, Minnesota’s COVID guidelines have become more relaxed, and many business owners are looking to transition back to an in-person work environment.

If you are one of these business owners, you should consider bringing in office cleaning professionals to sanitize your workplace before re-entry. At Commercial Cleaning Contractors, we have created our OptimizedClean program.  A suite of services to help bring your work force a sense of safety as they return to working in-person.

Whether you require office cleaning, or your workplace is an airport, high-rise tower, medical facility or retail store. CCC’s OptimizedClean program offers several different specialized cleaning services that will help get any workplace ready for re-entry.  Beginning with a building health risk assessment and reentry checklist we make recommendations, to form a strategy, based entirely on your real-world circumstances.

 Key components to our OptimizedClean reentry checklist are:

Occupant protocols & procedures

·         Personal Protective Equipment

·         Social distancing requirements

·         Physical barriers

·         Pathing and traffic flow 

Suggest interval frequencies for services

·         OptimizedClean

·         Broad disinfection applications

·         High-touch-point disinfection

·         Evidence based testing and analysis to verify efficacy of cleaning and applied disinfectant

Potential Supplies and Equipment

·         Hand-sanitizing stations

·         Disinfectant wipes

·         EPA-registered disinfectants effective against SARS-CoV-2

·         No touch door openers

·         Signage relaying protocols

·         Electronic communications with guidance on safe workplace

Through our OptimizedClean process we ensure that all of your surfaces are properly prepared before our trained technicians begin to apply any EPA registered disinfectants.  This OptimizedClean is achieved through a systematic process of services.  

The first of these services is biofilm removal. A biofilm is a built-up layer, or film, of microorganisms that keeps bacteria colonies alive and often prevents them from being killed with basic cleaning and disinfection methods. Biofilms that are left untreated can contaminate workplaces by shedding bacteria into their surroundings. As you move toward re-opening your office space, you can help your employees stay healthy by stopping biofilms from corrupting your environment.

In addition to biofilm removal, CCC’s OptimizedClean includes both high-touch-point and broad-based application services. We use EPA approved disinfectants to reduce the concentration of potentially dangerous microorganisms on surfaces. Though applying disinfectant cannot eliminate all microbial life in , it can very significantly reduce transmissibility of potentially harmful bacteria and viruses.  Applying disinfectants to clean surfaces has shown to be a very effective way to protect your occupants from infection.

Another OptimizedClean service provided by CCC is bacteriostatic coating application and follow up testing. In laboratory studies, bacteriostatic coatings have shown the potential to prevent bacteria and viruses from surviving on regularly maintained surfaces . Some manufactuers claim the effects of this electrostatically applied treatment can last as long as three months.  It should be noted that the neither the EPA or CDC have independently verified these claims, bacteriostats should never be considered replacement for disinfection programs.

The final step in our OptimizedClean program should be some frequency of evidence-based-testing.  We use ATP testing, the same tests used in food production and medical facilities, to ensure the desired efficacy of our OptimizedClean process is being realized.

Some of these more intensive office cleaning services, like biofilm removal and disinfectant applications, require specific knowledge and training. We have trained team members, with a keen eye for detail, staffed specifically for these OptimizedClean services. 

Having a deep clean performed in your office space before sending your employees back to working in-person is a good way to protect them from bacteria and viruses and to give them some peace of mind. If you are in need of OptimizedClean or any other office cleaning services in St. Paul or Minneapolis, MN, give us a call at 612-217-8653 or send an email to

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